Our Community

The university provides a wide variety of resources to promote community and belonging. Find a program that speaks to you, or one that challenges you to grow.

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Fraternity and Sorority Terminology

We know that getting acquainted with fraternity and sorority life can seem like an entirely different language, and at times it is! Our office has provided an introductory guide to FSL terminology

How to Join

Each council has its own guidelines and requirements to join different organizations. We have dedicated a page to give some information on how you can join our community!

Our Signature Achievements

From social events to training, community service to philanthropy, speaker series, and conferences, we offer many meaningful programs throughout each year for the Texas State community.

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Our Councils

Whatever goals brought you to the university, you’ll find an organization working toward the same thing. We have a range of groups dedicated to relationship-building, education, activism and more.

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